Essex and Suffolk Shoreline Management Plan

Consultations with the Environment Agency

Public consultations throughout our region regarding the development of a Shoreline Management Plan for the Essex coast are now closed.

Further to the stakeholder events Ian Bliss from the Environment Agency provided a number of scenarios to indicate potential realignment options (indicative, not definite plans!).

The current drafts published for public consultation are available as Epoch 1(present day -2025), Epoch 2 (2025-2055) and Epoch 3 (2055-2105). The current location of defences can also be viewed here. Click on an epoch to view the associated indicative map based scenarios. A non- technical summary of the plans can be viewed here.

For more information visit the Environment Agency web site or click here to view the Essex SMP update given to the CEP Management Group by Ian Bliss from the EA. The Strategic Environmental Assessment scoping document from Natural England can be viewed here.

The full SMP document can be found here.

A response from the Colne Estuary Partnership to these draft plans has now been submitted to the EA and can be viewed here.


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